New product wishlist: Librem 13/14", AMD Ryzen, dGPU/eGPU, FlickerFree display

I’m on market for a new laptop and I’d like to be a Librem notebook with best possible HW for Linux.

Could you please share what are your product plans for the near future? Including upgrades to your existing Librem X products, or a completely new project?

I think a current market is missing a great ultrabook with:

  • 13/14" form factor
  • AMD Ryzen CPU, great for gaming, dev, virtualization and expecting SW optimization in future
  • FlickerFree LCD panel, without PWM (this is a big issue, Macs are doing it ok, and many notebooks utilize cheap crappy panels)
  • large battery life
  • proper usb-C port for eGPU, or a slot for dGPU
  • all the current features of Librem products: free, secure, durable,…

Thank you for sharing your ideas,

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