New Purism Librem Mini

Just saw it on twitter/Mastodon.

Announcing the Purism Librem Mini Small form-factor mini-PC that puts freedom, privacy and security first.

8th gen quad-core i7 processor, up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory.

With #PureOS, #PureBoot (coreboot +Heads) and #Librem Key support.

#LibremMini #privacy #security


Does 64gb of DDR4 capacity mean that we have dual channel in this? (IE: 2 slots)

I am happy to report that I was able to answer my own question. 2 slots, and this bodes very well for v5 of the librem 13/15 line. :+1:


Kudos to Purism!

The design, specs, and price all look pretty good to me. Maybe my next puter will be a Mini instead of a faster laptop.

I see one of the ordering options is “No wireless”. Can users install an Intel 9260 into that configuration? I wouldn’t want to use the Atheros 9k card. Yes, I know binary blobs are evil. Slow wifi is also evil.

I assume memory and storage will be user-upgradeable. How about the CPU? Is it socketed or soldered?


This website has some more information on it :wink:


I am really happy about this new development! A Mini-PC from purism, this will make running Blender projects so much better and faster, I have serious content production dreams with this new development and it will help grow my abilities as professional-target hobby visual 2D/3D artist.

Thank you @todd-weaver for launching this company, I am glad to be a customer when I can start to afford your computers!

The specs from Purism definitely say “2 slots” and the specs from Intel for that CPU definitely say that “dual channel” is supported so I guess you can have dual channel, but you might want to get confirmation from Purism if it is important to you.

On the pre-order page it enables you to select 1 or 2 DIMMs so I would assume it is dual channel.

Spec page also indicates 2 SO-DIMM.

Dual channel


Yes you should be able to slot other wifi cards into this just like you could with the Librem laptops, you just may not be able to use those cards without sourcing and adding binary blobs to PureOS (likely by pulling them from Debian) or choosing a distro that includes binary blobs.

Memory and storage is also user-upgradable. I don’t know off-hand whether the CPU is socketed or not though.


fuckin’ A ! thanks for confirming !

This ROCKS! :man_dancing:

I’ve been wanting to buy a mini for some time, but never really liked the price/performance of the Intel, ASUS, etc. I ended up with a used HP Z230 workstation, which let me retire a couple of old PCs, so the pressure is off. Still, if I didn’t have uncertainties about the economy right now (due to Wuhan Corona Derangement Syndrome affecting both governments and individuals), I would order one now. Maybe in a couple of months.

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No way purism for EU users, if you do not make steps solving this issue (of having to send products from US and us dealing with customs).

It has been so many months or years from the moment you announced L5 shipping from within Europe, and so far there are no (good) news about this.

So, congrats for the new mini pc but it is clear to me that it is a US-only product. Wishes for lots of sales.

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I bought a Libtretrend Librebox about a year ago, and have been using that for some chat server duties, etc. However, this has dual channel ram, 8 threads, and is smaller. I most likely will be picking one of these up.

My hope is that the platform here is what is getting used in the new v5 of the Librem laptops. This processor is a significant improvement over the current. My trusty v2 will be going to my wife, and a shiny v5 for me.


How Librem Mini compares to 2015 iMac ?
Has anybody did this comparison.
I’ve never had any Purism products before.

Not that I’ve seen other than that it is “Smaller than a Mac Mini”. So you could do the comparison.

Darn ! I just bought a bulky new computer for a lot of money after trying out Raspberry 4 which is a big improvement but not fast enough. Librem Mini would have been perfect for me.

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Unless you have very specific workloads in mind, there really isn’t much point in comparisons like this. Pretty much anything with an i something in it and sufficient RAM will do what you want. The iMac has a built in screen of course, but outside of this, the only difference are going to be cooling and thermal thresholds. I don’t see any reason why the Librem Mini would have any issues with cooling.

I have had a laptop with this CPU in it, and I can say that it is a very beefy CPU and should not have any problems in a desktop scenario where its mobility doesn’t cause throttling due to cooling constraints.


the intel CPU inside the die certainly is.

at this point it seems to me that 4.6 Ghz from intel would be a little faster in single threaded workloads than an APU from AMD (i had thought about the ryzen 5 2400G @ 3.9 boost and the 3400g @ 4.2 boost

but the iGPU is far better on AMD than intel. minus the freedom side of things :sweat_smile:

Most of what I do aside from regular browsing and searching/researching, is graphic editing of pictures for posting them on Etsy, RedBubble…etc. I’m glad to hear that you are happy with Librem. Thanks!

I note that this has passed its funding target so presumably is going ahead. Yay!