New (refurbished) Librem 13 ... installing python3?

Hi… I recently purchased a refurbished Librem 13. Yay!

The installed python version is 2.7, which I guess surprises me a bit. I want to install pipx (which requires python 3.6+.

Any reason why recently refurbished laptops wouldn’t ship with python3 installed? Security concerns?
I’d rather ask first than barreling on ahead.

PureOS is based on debian, and lags behind by a small amount. Debian itself is slow to update packages. CPython 2 is dead upstream. Redhat, and maybe some other distros, will provide minimal security updates for a little while yet, but if you can migrate to either CPython3.6+ or PyPy (2 or 3), I strongly suggest doing so.

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I did a bit more Googling and found out I have to invoke Python 3 with “python3.” Sigh, I forgot why I try not to deal with python on the command line.

One solution I’ve used in the past is setting an alias in my .bashrc file.

alias python="python3"

System-wide, it’s usually controlled by a symbolic link. readlink /usr/bin/python will usually give you some idea how to change it.

Note that if you change your system python version, you may well find some programs and libraries don’t like the changed default.

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