New self host email tech

so my first time post here so think should start with something cool so i know most people might not know how run there own email services or setup there own vps so found this new tech i find realy cool becaseu i think every one start take closer look all date that be sold to biggest bider seens 2013 edward snowden stuff came out facebook crazy stuff that been happen lately

Self hosting email is probably the hardest thing to do and keep secure. I see products like this as merely capitalizing on a current trend.

This appears to require a subscription to keep it somewhat secure. Using something you don’t fully understand is not secure no matter how you frame it.


From the video:

“Most Internet service providers won’t let you run your own servers [at home]”

This brings up a deeper issue than the idea of running your own mail server; it can probably be lumped into the broader net neutrality discussion, but I digress.

I echo @2disbetter and their concerns; in addition, all your Helm traffic is designed to funnel through Helm cloud servers anyway, so… what are you even gaining here?

If you administer through a mobile app, I also worry about yet another system on my network that broadens my attack surface without access to updating / logging / forensics on the core OS.

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here if you want more read this does way better job then could at explaying

yes does cost 100 doller year but if think about if you would same specs as vps like say let a2hosting it would be a let more money and you dont techley control your date if gov ask a2hosting for date they could get but if you have a helm they have to come get form you becaseu you own the keys so i think cool idea

i mean if dont feel safe all code going be open source buy next year so i think they have great idea that could easy take off if done right there doing most of it right so far becaseu there sell alot

Are you related to the company (Helm) in any way or earn some benefit from the sale of their products? It’s starting to sound that way.

no im not why would you say that

if was related to them anyway i would told you but im not

It’s just odd that your first post is about advocating this service.
Also your english is terribly broken.

That being said, has the source been released yet?
If not, what’s the point of owning one of these boxes?

You just seem suspiciously persistent with your multiple postings.

it same as if you host on vps on any website you have to pay and way different becaseu you own your date compare to vps on like a2hosting digitalocean let say some that date they could lot easyer to get at compared to you having at your house they have to go get form you

english was not first language

suspiciously i reply becaseu the way you should realte compay outrangs if was i would to have disclose that under law