New themed case?

I was wondering if it’s possible to choose between this awesome looking themed case used in the early development phones. I am in love with this design. The standard black metallic case is boring and overused. Please Purism!

A metallic cover with the same color on the picture but with hammerpaint on it or something :heart_eyes:


DANG ! give me that in batman black ! :joy:


Remember that cover comes off, so really you can do whatever you want to it.

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Yes, why not, Purism should complete bumper / protector / skin to their offer, very same like SHIFTPHONE. What do you think about this proposal @amosbatto, is this indeed an important accessory, the one that replaces original (black) one, for Librem 5? I agree with @Nami, please Purism!

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I hope when spare parts are sold, the back plate is among them too - for DIY as well. And why not have that (or something) as an option there too.


Yes, I would also like Purism create a protector case for the Librem 5. Purism could also release the files for the case (like PINE64 has done for the PinePhone) which contain the exact dimensions and encourage others to make cases for the Librem 5.

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Thank you @amosbatto! But there is (as well) no doubt for myself that @JR-Fi got me right (as I didn’t express myself as I wanted to, as I have very same wish). I’ll try to correct this by explaining that small letter m within the name of SHIFT5m or SHIFT6m stands for modularity and this is the very right way to approach additional audience too, IMHO. Some essential spare parts for Librem 5(m) should be part of the game called something like right to self-repair or DIY, as JR-Fi already mentioned.

How about having possibility of buying back plate that is transparent (so I can better see fire related shielding for the Li-ion battery, for example)? Or Roland-Garros green one, why not, if this back lid already serves as a shield for the neighboring modules to the open flames?

i’m sure that if some nut puts his mind to it, at some point we’ll see an L5 solid GOLD chassis … :sweat_smile:

the USA edition is already 2k dollahs - what’s a few thousand more right ?

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Add to that the “I’m rich” app as well.

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and the finger-printing possible if the LAED act would be passed … :scream:

For sure, we are talking here mostly about Librem 5 back lid (battery cover that I don’t know if it is 0.7 or pricier 0.9 mm thick peace of polymer plastic) in another color. But if someone insists to have fun, why not to expect to replace/upgrade any L5 display with sapphire glass version (after fall down emergency). Only thing that matters (for me) here is repairability/DIY (long term investment and usage) of the phone. And interestingly there is no new comment on modularity? @Nami, is my comment out of subject here? But still, I’ve learned a lot (almost everything) about phone building blocks from here:

and from this reference here, from where is obvious that building (and replacement) parts are stocked in Hangzhou, China.

Why not, even by leaving cheaper Fairphone offer aside, if allowed (just matter of fine taste, nothing else, I just find SHIFTmq as an Chapeau! kind of product, in many ways), And YES, “I would be even richer”, in proper terms, but I need at least one additional/suitable option that I like better, to choose from, to buy Linux smartphone where I can self-change my battery (not in question here) and few other things when I like to invest into the new peace of my smartphone’s HW (and not throw it away because irreparable, again and again). Would L5 be an expensive phone if there is no need to throw such LTE version away, ever (while being able to swap Evergreen MBR to Fir MBR, if feasible, if Evergreen, Fir or etc. batch needs to be repaired some day at all)? Do I need to say that I’m not working for Purism in any way? Yet not against either, we already understand, hope so, why electronic parts and low-power electronics are expensive (for all, not just for Purism by leaving any +/− sort of philosophy aside, just not to cause another “earthquake” here).

Back to the topic: I know already I cannot choose more RAM/STORAGE option for my L5 but I might be able to choose another back lid color before delivery (as not receiving Dogwood batch anyway), by not paying a single cent for such (sort of kindness) offer from Purism.

And please, all above is without even slight attempt to underestimate (in contrary) what still counts :slightly_smiling_face::