New to smartphones

So this will be the first smartphone I’ve ever owned, and was looking for what people’s recommendations are in this area. I’ve used a few people’s phones randomly maybe a couple times(very incompetently), so I really have almost no experience with them . I’ve run Linux systems for a couple decades, so that shouldn’t be an issue (though never debian flavored ones).

Is there anything I should know, think about or look into for this device? I think I know what carrier to use (T-Mobile).

The purpose of this device for me is just to use for SMS and phone calls. I’m finding it more and more that there’s an expectation that one has a smartphone for a variety of activities, and thus I should get one. When I saw the Librem 5, which offers to fix basically everything I’ve hated about smartphones, it was an easy sell.

Thank you for your help!


The community FAQ has some useful info on battery charging and cellular calls that you might want to read.


I’m not too worried about those yet, as it looks like there is a path forward for VoLTE with either a firmware update or the PLS8. In theory battery life should improve over time. I know there’s 4g in my area from T-mobile’s map, and likely 3g or 2g(don’t really know how to find out the lower numbered G’s.

Is that really it?

you can buy your L5 in two flavors (PRC or USA made) and you can get yours with the aweSIM plan … only for the Americas (US only atm) … and you should be set as SMS and voice-calls are pretty BASIC things to use a cell-phone for …

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