New Update On Librem 5 Orders Email

To view the estimated arrival of your L5 order, you can go to “My account” on then click recent orders (LINK: , once you click “view” on the action tab, you will see a note about your order estimate.



Hilarious :smile:

(weren’t these phones supposed to ship end of '20?)

Same thing here. Purism is such a joke at this point. I have actively stopped people from ordering their laptops in favor of System76 or a ThinkPad. All I’ve had to do is show people my email history from purism and it usually takes about the 5 most recent emails for people to decide they don’t want to be involved with purism. I think at this point the best thing we can do is file a class action to investigate for fraud and get our money back. If it takes state AGs to get refunds, something is going on.

EDIT: Wow even purism’ own community wont buy what is available. So not only are people who have the hardware selling it, but purism can’t even manufacture the phones that no one wanys. meanwhile Pine64 and FxTec are doing JUST FINE.

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You should not reveal your order number, because it can be used by other people to get a discount for other items!


along with others it has been really difficult to go through this waiting for L5. My emotions go back and forth on what to think of Purism, but I do still always come back to this basic point, I appreciate what Purism is doing to push the concepts and initiatives for privacy, freedom, social responsibility, forward within a capitalistic framework. At the end of the day, Purism is not a non-profit. It is a for profit company, so they need to find a way to survive financially. I want them to survive because they are doing good things for the industry, IMO.

So, I was excited when I got this email like the OP, and others. I seem to have a little more positive news on my front:

Order date: Sept 29, 2018
Estimated Shipping Date: Librem 5 - 1st Quarter 2022

It’s just one data point among many, and it isn’t going to change people’s minds. but, just to indicate that there is some variability in the messages people are getting. I do feel many of the frustrations expressed on these forums are justified and warranted, from the perspective of interacting with a business. But, I do still see more transparency from Purism then I do from the large mega corporations.

Also, am I hanging my hat on this time window? not really. I know there are a lot of challenges out there. I still can’t by bicycle tires I want, because of shipping logjams?! I do look at my upfront investment in the L5 as that: an investment. I do still want the phone, but I was also investing in the vision that Purism was advertising at the time. Not just the hardware. I still believe in the vision. I am fortunate, because I didn’t have to pull money out of savings to do this investment. It was part of my regular cash flow, so,I was able to invest, and just hope my ROI will show up soon :slight_smile: If not, I have lost more than this amount in stock trades.


Let 'em. Its not like they’ll ever see it.

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What?? Pine64 is doing alright (although they’re having trouble restocking the Pinebook Pro), but FxTec is struggling, hard. The Pro 1 X was supposed to ship in March, but got delayed and when I bought it in July it was supposed to ship in August. Since then it’s gotten pushed back to October, then November, now they’re going to “arrange components delivery and book the final assembly slot in the factory” in November (i.e. not shipping in November). The company that developed their version of Android for the Pro 1 has apparently gone out of business, so customers who bought their original phone and haven’t installed LineageOS are just SOL on updates they were promised when they bought their phones.

Nobody can source all the chips they need right now.


Fxtex is NOT struggling. They lost their original chip cause it was deprecated, they picked another and in the span of about a month updated their reference design to support it and they are now manufacturing their orders. They’ve also confirmed they have sourced all the components required for production and the last step was to book their production slot in the factory. There are literally NO problems.

From their October Update:
" Despite the global shortage and delays regarding a lot of electronic components and chipsets this year, we have secured all the necessary components required to begin production. This includes the Qualcomm SoC parts, camera sensor, screen (which are currently in short supply)."

Purism has been BSing people going on 3 years now. These two aren’t even REMOTELY similar.

“so customers who bought their original phone and haven’t installed LineageOS are just SOL on updates they were promised when they bought their phones.” A customer choosing not to move on to one of THREE supported operating systems for that phone can’t be helped. You either choose to move on and use your handset or not, but a business is not responsible for their customers.

The comments on every single update to their Indiegogo page from angry customers would beg to differ.


Got another email about the delay and a new way to estimate when it won’t arrive. I have picked a deadline of my own, if I have my phone great, if not I’ll just call my card’s customer service and have a refund in a few min, they take care of cardholders very well.

Of course they’re doing fine. They didn’t choose a CPU from the automotive sector. No one could have anticipated that shortage. You know what? I live in Germany and our car production lines are literally on hold. Car makers are all in the market for NXP CPUs now, and they’re obviously pretty desperate.

Blame Purism for their abysmal lack of communication in the past but please, let’s not blame them for their choice of CPU. It’s not fair. Hindsight bias.


The method to get the response when my phone arrives, changed from push to pull. Meaning: Now I have to refresh and log on to a website instead of getting notified via e-mail about changes in estimation. This costs me extra redundant wasted time especially as patient backer. Am I expected to refresh this page every week now? How am I expected to feel doing this?

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I’m sure you’ll be sent an email when it’s ready


I really wish you all would hit reply at the bottom of the thread instead of at the bottom of my post.


I don’t think you have to check it every week. Judging from zks1’s message above, those who paid for the phone in September 2018 might get it in March 2022. I paid for mine in 2019, so there is no point in bothering to check the delivery date any time before 2024 (I’ve demanded a refund repeatedly, never got it, and by this point, considering all the inflation that’s taken place since then, it’s doubtful it’s worth pursuing either). Look on the bright side. By the time the phones ship, the components used in them will have acquired value as rare antiques, so you can strip your phone for components and resell them on some antique market place.

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I’d totally put up with a used CPU, salvaged from a car wreck, just so my phone could arrive earlier.


That doesn’t make sense. A person who ordered a year later than another person is not going to receive their phone a year later. Large chunk of all orders was made in 2017 during the crowdfunding campaign, and it took quite some time to actually develop the phone before it could start shipping at all.


I agree that it doesn’t make sense. When I ordered (and paid for) my phone, there was a 6 month lead time. This wasn’t during a development period, this was a lead time for a (supposedly) shipping product. So in a Newtonian world, that means I’d have received a delivery in early 2020, but Purism obviously lives in an alternate reality where time is dilated. I’ll believe that it’ll take less time than until 2024 (or longer) to deliver 2019 orders when I see it. I won’t hold my breath, though.

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This wasn’t during a development period

That’s false - the initial shipping announcement published in September 2019 estimated that the mass production batch will not be ready before Q2 2020, at which point the shipment of backorders was supposed to start. This eventually got delayed and Evergreen shipment only started in November 2020, and even then it got paused for a few months because of component shortage (see the chart at Estimate your Librem 5 shipping ).


It’s not false, it’s the exact truth. But everyone knows that Purism has attempted to retrospectively change contractual terms at least once. Normally, I would take exception to being called a liar, but since you work for Purism and your lack of ethics is well known, ergo nobody takes Purism seriously, so I’m not going to take it too heart.

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