Unopened Librem 5 (Australian model) for sale

Got my Librem 5 and no longer have a need for it (things changed since 2017 when I backed the project it).

Looking to sell. However, rather than list it on ebay straight up I thought I’d offer it to the community in the first instance (so that it goes to fans rather than sellers). Looking for the current asking price of USD $1199.00 plus shipping.

I’ve sent you a personal message

Sorry for my delay in responding (I got a few messages on here and elsewhere VERY quickly).

Just confirming I’ve sold the phone (within the community) and have sent it off. Figured I’d sell to the first person who asked in order to be fair…etc. Hope others get their Librem 5s really soon!

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Suggest you update the topic title so that it starts with “[Sold]”.

You might want to update your name too LOL since I suppose you are no longer wanting a refund.

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