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1.) is PureOS a Rolling release Or Point Release?

i wish that purism release a notes on what is new on PureOS. like on debian 12 release Notes.

It’s point release and is based on Debian, though for some historical reasons, PureOS 10 tracks Debian 11, and so PureOS 11 (not yet released) will track Debian 12.


ohh so its a point release. then why on wikipedia says its hybrid? like it have also a rolling release?

I happen to have just asked about the version numbering a few days ago in the PureOS Matrix channel, which is how I had the answer to your question. This is the full response I got (from François Téchené, the Director of Product at Purism)

The history behind PureOS version numbering is that a Debian based distribution called PureOS existed before Purism and was not maintained anymore. The very last version of pre-Purism PureOS was version 7. At the start of Purism, we asked the maintainers of PureOS if we could take over PureOS stating at version 8 with a new code base that would track Debian testing as a rolling release distribution. The previous maintainers very generously accepted. The number “8” was therefore also symbolizing the infinite sign that was referring to the rolling release nature of the distribution. However, fast changes in Debian testing were often leading to some instability so we decided to track Debian Stable instead, starting with Debian 10 “Buster”, that would therefore become PureOS 9.

So, PureOS was originally rolling release when Purism first took over. It is no longer, so the Wikipedia page I think is wrong.

thanks for responce. i think some info on wikipedia is wrong haha

The answer is in the Purism article referenced in the footnote on Wikipedia.

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