New versions of phosh and phoc in Byzantium?

From Twitter in the past couple of days:
phoc 0.9.0 has been released (Sebastian Krzyszkowiak)
phosh 0.14.0 is out (Guido Günther)

When will these updates reach the Byzantium repos? Got an update this morning, but still on phosh version 0.13.1 and phoc version 0.8.0

Two to six days after the release. When there is a package update it usually stays a few days in a repo called Landing, for testing and to check if there are regressions.
After that it is released to Byzantium.

If an update is urgent, to fix a regression, then it will be fast tracked to Byzantium.


Ok, then I know. Thanks

Hold your horses! :smiley: After making a release as an upstream, we need to also package that new version in PureOS (preferably by backporting what gets packaged in Debian), and in this case it means making sure that new versions of wlroots, phoc and phosh are released in lockstep. Also, wlroots had to land into the archive first before phoc could be built. What João said applies on top of that as well. This all means that the new versions won’t be available in the repositories right away, but don’t worry - they’ll be there in a few days :wink:


I should have been clear, that by release, I meant packaged.

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I may not be the most patient guy, but still no sight of upgrades to phosh and phoc in Byzantium. Wouldn’t it be better to announce new releases when they are available in the L5 repos?

Both phosh and phoc should migrate any minute now, as they just reached the required maturity in landing: see and (and if it’s 404 it means they already migrated :P)

Migration status can always be tracked at


Phoc and Phosh are not exclusive to PureOs, other distros can use it. So those kind of annoncement should be welcome

We can also imagine some people (internal or external) updating manually to test and report a bug before it goes pushed officially in Byzantium

If you want a stable software, with less things going wrong, you push it when it’s ready and tested, not in a hurry to please a timeline or impatient people :wink:


Whoho i am ready for updating…

Exactly; I’m using landing repo on my phone, so I can see if there’s some issue with new packages that should make us hold the migration before they actually reach the users. It’s available publicly so anyone can use it, but be aware that things can (and do) break there, so do it at your own risk :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the new changes! :slight_smile:

But I have a small issue, because I use a dark theme, I notice the white background on the startup screen of the apps. Can you adapt the background to the OS theme?

at this moment not really

Yes, you can. It uses the same preference GNOME does:

@dos so you saying that you can theme or use dark preference for the new splash panels?

What I’m saying is that phosh follows system-wide dark mode setting recently introduced into GNOME: