New website launched in 2018


Hi all, after months of hard work by Eugen Rochko (author of Mastodon), @francois-techene, our sysadmins Stelios and Theo, our chief security officer @Kyle_Rankin, and me (a little bit), our new website is now live on! There are some rough edges and missing or incorrect content but we’ll be working on solving them in the coming days and weeks.

This new website approach brings a couple of improvements:

  • Splitting the shop to its own domain,, for better security, resources/performances management, and lightening up the management of the main website
  • Static main website that loads much faster: no PHP, minimal javascript, etc. This also naturally hardens the security of the main website, letting us lift some tacked-on security measures that made it problematic for Tor or VPN users to view the pages.
  • A clean new look, better-looking product pages, with animations letting you see 360 degrees views as you scroll
  • Simplified content in a couple of areas
  • More mobile-friendly (feel free to report issues we may have missed on that front!)
  • Separation of concerns/access/accounts, independent maintenance paths (a writer/editor doesn’t have all the shop stuff in their face, the main website can be upgraded and fine-tuned for content publishing, etc.)
  • Other features that I might forget? :slight_smile:

We hope you like it. This has been a long time in the works, and it should allow us to fix some long-standing issues.


@jeff, may suggest for the shop page to “sort by popularity” by default, or rename the AC adapter so it does not occupy the prime spot? :wink:

On the product page, I find it weird that “compare models” and “compare specs” both shows the three Librems, but between them the Librem Key takes the spot of the Librem 5.
Maybe add an “accessory” section to the right of the “compare models”, so one has a quick overview, and then for completeness’ sake, add the phone to the “big picture” section, too :slight_smile:



Love the new look!

@jeff One minor issue I noticed on mobile - the Librem 5 page has a video that extends beyond the rest of the content when in portrait mode.

The page in question:

Also, when in landscape mode, the header is pretty big. Might wanna scale that down a bit.

Example of the video overhang in portrait mode

Example of large header in landscape mode:


I think the new look is very user friendly and presents information in a concise way. Well done!


Congratulations for the great new website!

Love the top right menu appearance.
Plus with the new products page, visitors are presented the products line in the blink of an eye. That page design with the geometric forms outlining the different parts of the content: :heart_eyes:

Found small quirks:

  • in the footer, the Mastodon link gets me to a 404 wrong (
  • on the FAQ page, when the cursor is on a question it doesn’t become a clickable item cursor (the little hand) - Firefox 62 here
  • still on the FAQ page, when I open a question I see a little toggle behind the question text

Now one suggestion that imo could make navigation between the different Purism fronts easier. I mean between the main site, the shop, the forums, etc. As of now the logo on top left gets you to the home of the front site when you’re on the front site, to the forums home when on the forums, to the shop home when on the shop.
That being said, maybe a common header, logo + menu, could be used on all Purism websites. The logo would always link to the only homepage for Purism and the menu would be identical through the different sites. That way, visitors would have a more consistent experience on Purism’s pages.


Speaking words of wisdom. May it be!


This is a very nice change. I am looking forward to seeing how this will shape up in time. Great job people!!


if i may. a dark or darker theme and less air gaps between elements and text would look more pleasing to the eye.


I liked the website. It looks good and the content is on spot for the general masses. It has some room for improvement (it always has) and people considered some good points on this thread. I agree very much with what @romaric suggested.

Good catch. I would go on and put the label “Clearance” always on top.


I think the new website design looks awesome. Nice work! :slight_smile:

It’s great to see the google stuff removed from the site now too!

I thought Purism removed all google links from their website, no?

@jeff One more thing I just noticed as I was buying a Librem 13 :slight_smile:

The table showing the options (like operating system, Librem key included or not) is misaligned. See screenshot


just wanted to suggest that maybe you could have the menus up top on a darker background than the rest of the website and also on the blog posts to be more evident and contrasty.

for what resolution/aspect ratio have you optimised the website ?


I had a quick play to see what it would look like. I guess it depends on the design they want to go for but I think it could look nice. :+1:

Since this thread is bumped I’ll also say that I think the new stylistic changes to the site are looking great! The new font choices are really nice with the addition of a serif font. I’m a big fan of Cantarell (although I’m also really fond of Cabin), I approve. :wink:


+1. for anyone that has problems seeing the right fonts just make sure you check the box.


Anybody know where the code is?