Newbie 6/1 and haven't a clue

Just signed up. Like the man from Barceloma – I know nothing.
What is Librem?
What is Librem hardware?
What is PureOS?
So, what I need is a manual? PDF?

Librem is the name of Purism devices. After that name is always a number that tells you it’s screen inch. Librem 14-16 are laptops, Librem 10 or 11 (?) will be tablets that may come in future and Librem 5 is the mobile phone. It’s called this way because Purism doesn’t see any difference in the functionality except the screen size and it’s pros and cons.

What hardware is build in you can see on shop. Goal in every device is to prevent from untrusted hardware, firmware and also to disable sensores if not needed (as example: cutting camera completely from power with hardware switches). If you device is compromised and you don’t know it, they still cannot use your camera, microphone and so on, as long as you don’t activate it.
There is still little untrusted hardware build in because there is no alternative. But this hardware has much less control about your device compared to regular devices. On Librem 5 for example the modem (black box) has no control about your RAM like on every smartphone.
You also can run every OS you want.

PureOS is a modified Debian. They want to increase privacy and security and also enable convergence (you can use your Librem 5 as desktop device without changing OS).

There are manuals, but also a little wiki (at least for Librem 5 - don’t know about other devices) and of course this forum to ask and look for further information.