Newbie install error on first boot

I just finished installing it and now the first boot is stuck here

before the ppp link was shut down.

Hoping this OS would be more user friendly than the typical Linux OSes

Sounds like you are installing on a non-Librem laptop. PureOS only includes libre software, so there’s a good chance your hardware won’t work, since most laptops require proprietary drivers. Can you provide more details about what laptop you’re using, and any more text from the boot process before it fails?

It’s an Acer laptop5536 ms2265. Didn’t realize it was such a finicky OS that couldn’t just be installed wherever the specs were met.

Yeah, again, Purism’s entire mission is to promote and develop free and open-source software. As such, they do not include any proprietary software in their OS. In their Librem laptops, all the components are carefully chosen to be compatible with open-source drivers.

If you want to try Linux on your computer, Ubuntu or Linux Mint are probably your best bets for hardware compatibility.

So, I cannot install Pure OS on my old HP Pavillion g4? Windows stopped booting, so I wiped the laptop completely. I got Pure OS to install successfully, but I get this message when booting for the first time: Started GNOME Display Manager.t Dispatcher Services…d before the ppp link was shut down….

Update: after turning the laptop on the next day I have Pure OS installed.