NewGuy, first day

Is Tor supposed to be in PureOS, can’t find it?
Why did I just recieve Qubes 3.2 and not 4 when I ordered it on a flash drive? I read that 3.2 is not behaving properly.
What vpn is recomended?
should a separate VPN be used with Qubes? How would that work with the tor router?
Where is a secure site to download Tor?
What cable confiruration is needed to connect to a cat5 cable/

first off, you can find tor on the torproject site

I personally use NordVPN, there many others with good reputations, check out this list, there are a few vpn services that offer a free trial or even a free vpn altogether(ad-supported). It can really depend on what is important to you.
While I can’t speak as to why you received 3.2 and not 4 on a flash drive, it is easy enough to flash the newest .iso from Qubes OS download page.

You can’t use both qubes and PureOS unless you are dualbooting, but if you really want to find where something is in your filesystem, a common command to find it is “locate” it will tell you where every instance of whatever word you use is located so be prepared for a long list- a more advanced user might give a better tool…

cat5 is a type of ethernet cable and I don’t believe the Librem 13 or 15 have an ethernet port so you wont be able to use one without an adapter

I hope I answered everything

Tor Browser can be downloaded from the PureOS repos, but that version doesn’t currently work for anyone, so you’ve gotta dl it directly from the source here: 3

See this forum discussion for more on that: Tor Browser does not start anymore

For a VPN, I strongly recommend MullVad because of their strong commitment to user privacy, no logging policy, and support for Wireguard, which offers significant performance & security enhancements (i.e. better encryption) over OpenVPN. See the forum discussion on that topic here: VPN fails to connect after sleep/suspend

Best of luck.

As for cat5, ethernet worked without any problems for me. I used a USB3-RJ45 realtek device. They can be obtained for $10-15. No driver installation was needed as PureOS supports it and a few other ethernet USB dongles.