NexDock and how I trolled myself

Hi guys. I ordered NexDock from Purism 7 months ago, but more recently ordered one from the Nex site itself so that I would have the fun of actually have one in the present. I’ve been playing with the one from the Nex site but I did something kind of awful and got out my old Android while testing some stuff, to compare what was and wasn’t working. I seem to have an issue where sometimes the keyboard doesn’t work, an I was able to confirm it’s not a L5 issue and also affects Android.

But in the process I found out that the wireless feature built in automatically that I don’t know how to turn off on the NexDock is indeed kind of convenient despite me trying to avoid wireless when possible. And I was interested in having the capacity to offer myself the same convenience on my actual phone instead. But apparently in order to do that, the L5 would probably need to install some GNOME NetworkDisplays flatpak, which on the flathub site claims to require PipeWire, which I thought I read elsewhere is available to L5 in Crimson but potentially not expected to work on Byzantium (I didn’t try it).

So, have I trolled myself by seeing that the nexdock is capable of wireless, or if I move to L5 Crimson would we expect that wireless nexdock is a feature that would work? I have not been making regular backups of my L5 and have been just sitting about on Byzantium hoping not to lose data, while storing a lot of files on an external 500 GB SD card.


Rephrase the question in a clear and concise manner.

Does Crimson work with wireless only Nexdock - has anybody tried it?

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Not sure, and I do not think anyone has tried yet.

This might not be the right or same question but: Does crimson support WiDi?

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Not sure, but I have useful information to contribute to the discussion: