Nexdock and LibreOffice mouse issues

I’m having issues with click and dragging and bringing up right-click menus with my Nexdock 360 connected to my L5. I wanted to see if anyone else who has been using this setup has noticed anything similar and if there is a fix for this.

This is most apparent to me using LibreOffice. For example, I can’t click on a column line and drag it wider. In LibreOffice and other apps, clicking an option in the menu bar doesn’t present that submenu for more than a blink. Also, I’m unable to resize the window as I can other apps, assuming I can get it moved to the Nexdock screen vs the L5 display. I’m inclined to think that latter issue may be L5 or an issue with the app’s adaptability with the L5, but open to other ideas. I’ve verified in Settings/Mouse that I can trigger primary and secondary mouse clicks.

Any thoughts or observations to the contrary?

Thanks in advance!

r u using external mouse or nexdock mouse?
nexdock mouse is so bad I can’t use it at all. I’ve not had any issues with external mouse

I just tried LibreCalc and yes the right click menu functionality is broken, just a quick blip of the menu and it’s gone right away.

Nexdock’s mouse. I have a Logitech mouse, but the L5 doesn’t see it. It’s not Bluetooth, but uses the USB adapter, which L5 sees on lsusb. I’m guessing a driver issue, but one I haven’t pursued yet in the hopes there’s a fix for my Nexdock mouse woe.

I’ve logitech wireless as well, I’m connecting the dongle to USB port on Nexdock (with short cable that came with Nexdock)

What model? I have an M305. I connect the dongle to a Hoyoki hub. Did you need to install anything to get your mouse to work?

I’m using MX Ergo and I’m not using any hub.
I’m using Nexdock as hub, I don’t see any need to use another hub along with Nexdock.

I’m glad you reminded me. I found my USB adapter and have that plugged in now. Thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to get the mouse working, or go shopping for a more supported one.

I’m assuming even when u use only Nexdock as hub (no extra hubs), u can’t get mouse to work?

Correct. I have a keyboard/mouse that works with the universal receiver attached to the dongle, which is plugged into the Nexdock (no hub), but the M305 that I want to use does not work. (I’m not a huge fan of the logitech K400 that I have, and since the Nexdock keyboard works fine for me, I was hoping to just get this separate mouse to work.)

Two avenues to explore:

  • Does that mouse with its receiver work on a Linux desktop / laptop? (In other words, is the problem specific to the Librem 5?)
  • Where it does not work, what does lsusb -v -sM:N say (where M and N are the bus number and device number respectively of the connected receiver, which numbers you would glean by first issuing the basic lsusb command)? You would be looking for “Human Interface Device” (HID).

Good news! I got it to work on the L5. Just needed to re-pair it apparently. Thanks for the reply and input!

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