Next DevKit Availability

So I’m sure like many others I didn’t hear about Librem 5 until the date closed for DevKit orders. With the news of the delay and subsequent news that the DevKit isn’t delayed. Is there any information on when the next availability to order DevKits will occur? I personally have pre-ordered a librem 5 now and as a developer I would very much like to get my hands on the DevKit, ideally before Librem 5 ships.


As i understod the artikel for last order calls there is no plan for aditional dev kit production even with delay, which they thought would be september instead of now october. I don‘t think this aditional month will change this.
Best bet for a pre launch dev kit is probably to get a imx8 dev board like the wandpi and a screen the same size and resolution as the librem5. You will miss the modem an kill switch parts but you will most like be able to run the puros images for the dev board easily. For app development this should be a good option i think. If you are into deeper more hardware dev like modem, killswitch, sensor stuff or driver development it might be worth asking purism directly for an aditional dev kit as such development might be pretty valubal for them. I bet they have some spare ones for important things that need testing.

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Hmm, thanks for the suggestion, you’re right I don’t need the modem or any of that just the chip, OS and Screen. I’ll look into that, thanks again.

Depending on what you want to do, you might also find the VM image interesting, or the iMX6 board they used. See here.
But I’d also try to ask directly for a spare one. Maybe somebody canceled.

I am copying a response from Todd in the matrix chat:

last call was an honest last call, we have a fixed one-time run underway. So the only chance is getting one after a reviewer returns it, which we may have a couple that fall into that camp, but those will probably be strategically handed out for application development needs; I’d suggest staying in close contact (later on) pleading your need and societal benefit so we can weigh that against the other requests.

No need, I’m sure others are better off. I ordered a dev board from NXP for a reasonable price. It should suit my needs, but thanks.