Next librem products

i know the phone campaign is not finished yet, and is soon to talk about it, but i will do it :grinning:

i think there is 2 kind of products could be interesting

  1. a completly open router
    there is pfsense, i think is awesome, but it cost too much i think should be nice have something like SG-2220 (with more eth) at price less than $200 on their store it cost $299 and is too high

  2. a nuc like or itx motherboard
    i was reading this article i think something like that is awesome and the price is pretty good, i know if purism will make a board like that, will cost more, but i think at $200 should be an interesting product for purism to sell and for people to buy, the market do not have a small pc/mobo completly open source (like a completly open phone), i know there is less interest on it, but i don’t think will really expensive for purism to make it, they could just use the same hardware they use for laptop, maybe with a different pcb, and some more usb3 video output and an rj45, there is a couple of company who sell completly free desktop/workstation system (i don’t write the name because i think they are competitor of purism) but the prices are insane and the dimension is not small so is not appealing

Free routers are definitely nice. However, if Purism does one, it will definitely not be cheap in the beginning :wink:
About the NUC: have a look here:

I don’t see that as competition. I just noticed, over at they also embrace what Purism is doing. Every company has their focus, and that is very good.
I hope Purism stays very focused on the Librem 5, the Librem 5 v2 and the Librem 5 v3 :wink:

thanks for your reply, i already saw the endlessos product, the “problem” is they do not offer nothing more than other pc, what should be nice to have is a free bios as libreboot/deblobbed coreboot and me neutralized, in a desktop pc
i don’t wanna push purism in too many project, because they are small and i understand they have limited resources, that’s why i suggested to use the same “family” of their laptop motherboard, because should be just about to talk with manifacturer for have a different format package (if they sell just a librem motherboard, or a librem “nuc”) but as coreboot/me neutralizer they already have the software

as the router i found a solution buying a router with use uboot and flashing over it lede, it seems a good way to go if you dont wanna spend too much money on pfsense router

I like the router idea, also I would like to see a Purism Watch

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