Next revision release date

I was told there would be a new laptop revision in the later part of 2018.

When will I be able to place my order for the next librem laptop which supports more ram?

Not sure where you heard that, but here’s a recent post from Todd Weaver with a rough timeline of Purism’s plans

So I wouldn’t expect new revisions until mid-2019 at the earliest

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Not sure where you heard that

It was said on Reddit, in regards to Librem 15v4:

late 2018 or early 2019

@todd-weaver Can you enlighten us? Did the time frame moved more to mid 2019 for the next revision?

Seems obvious that the newer information that point to mid 2019 is the correct one

New rev4 laptops was a goal set New Years 2018. Since Purism seems to be focusing all effort on the phone and TPM/HEADS/Librem Key security, I am guessing the unrelated goals will be pushed to 2019 and beyond.