Nextcloud as part of Librem One


Is there a plan to integrate Nextcloud in the Librem One suite?
Is it a candidate for the potential Librem Files service?

I think that it would make a lot of sense, as it would provide at least files, contacts and calendar synchronization, as well as many more applications, some of them being already well supported within the Gnome desktop (such as calendar, contacts and notes) that PureOs uses by default.


My money is on yes


Indeed, it is also what I am expecting. But when I see the stretch goals, it does not seem really consistent. It seems to me that a basic Nextcloud instance would directly provide contacts and calendars in addition to files. However there is a huge gap in the number of backers that Purism requires for these two services (50,000 for files and 300,000 for contacts), and they say nothing about calendar.


It would by great to see a calendar backup and sync service.
The problem with nextcloud is, that it does not encrypt everything. One of the last versions supports a file encryption but for calendar and contacts they don’t want to support encryption.


Etesync provides a functionality like this, so it should be possible.


Just dropping this here.