Nextcloud client on Librem 5 available on launch?


Since the blog post about the partnership there’s little information about the integration of Nextcloud into PureOS on the Librem 5.
What’s the status today? Is still something in the works?


Adding to this: I’d like to be able to sync my photos seamlessly like I can with Apple Photos and iCloud. Also need some kind of photo viewer with basic editing functionality. Then, I’ll be able to walk away from Apple with confidence. Photos are everything for me.


There is a desktop nextcloud sync client for Linux:

Builds are only for x86_64 so in case it could be compiled for arm you should be able to at least use the background service as the UI is not yet phone optimized I assume.

However has partnered with nextcloud and I am currently already using it in so many ways - so I also hope that there will be an app as - maybe you could even run this with an android emulator?


Thank you @maximilian, but I’m already using the Nextcloud client from the PureOS repo on my Librem 13, so my question is specific to the ARM version with the appropriate GUI for a mobile device.
The regular Nextcloud client GUI is definitely not an option on a tiny screen and it’s windowed, which is surely a hassle as well.

Android apps are out of the question, the support from Anbox is not ready for primetime.
Even if Android apps are fully working on PureOS in the future, I’d like to use native apps for performance and security reasons.


It is pretty normal that they announce something and then go silent for a long time.
This has been criticized a lot, and I agree to that criticism to some degree.

I would expect that at a point in time where Purism sees it as a good marketing opportunity (close to the launch of the phone), they’ll have a blog post on the launch of PureOS Store and then one on each of the apps in that store.
So far, we know about at least 6 apps in it. Lollypop, Fragments, plus the 4 Librem One apps, as announced on

The nextcloud app could be the next in that list (possibly re-branded as Librem Files?), and possibly they are currently adding some libhandy magic to it :wink:


I hope it will be. I have my own Nextcloud server for my android phone, it would be the worst thing not to be able to use it on my Librem 5…


If you like to speculate, I saw the following in a preview video of the adaptive interface:

I don’t know what happens if you click on nextcloud there but it looks like gnome has a Nextcloud integration already in?

However I see it as Caliga - they will probably announce it as a feature with the PureOS Store or maybe once librem one goes to Librem Files (or Photos).
However there was also a discussion about having the librem 5 as a “cloud phone”, which would literally mean all your data is stored elsewhere (e.g. in your own nextcloud - as most of us probably do with caldav, carddav and photos via nc)


Oh yes, well done! Nextcloud is already implemented in fact.


Yes, there is already an integration, but you cannot access e2e encrypted files without the “real” client, you don’t have access to the activity feed, server notifications etc. - so there’s a lot missing without the client :slight_smile:


Since they partbered i hope we will have nextcloud and nextcloud talk native client asap


Indeed Gnome has a nextcloud integration. I don’t even need the sync client on gnome 3 it just shows up as a drive. it also does calendar and contact sync… pretty awesome.