Nextcloud contacts unavailable after Calls 44.alpha.1 update

I ran the update to Calls 44.alpha.1. I used Nextcloud contacts. Contacts app now shows no contacts error: “Primary address book not found”. Calls shows no contacts. I tried removing Nextcloud config and re-entering it. Nextcloud version is 25.0.1.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

No problems here. Nextcloud 20.0.6 - using a Let’s Encrypt certificate for ssl.

If I have problems with Contacts synchronizing with Nextcloud, I usually open Evolution to see if that reveals any issues. At the moment the latest version of Contacts works fine for me. You could also check in GNOME Settings | Online Accounts if your Nextcloud account is set up to be used for Contacts. I have the impression that this sometimes is automatically disabled (maybe after a timeout?).

Turns out that the problem was prefixing the server URI with https://. No protocol identifier should be used. Thanks for the replies.

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