Nextcloud Performance on Mini?

Hi I am currently running nextcloud on a raspberry pi 2b, and it is on the slow side (~10 seconds to load sometimes). I have done what I can to optimize it, and I think I have cut the load speed by at least 40% from what it was, maybe more.

I’m looking at upgrading to newer hardware for my home server, and I’m wondering what performance people have gotten on a Librem Mini. Obviously, that machine is far more capable than what I’m currently running, but nextcloud does seem inherently a bit slow (bulky php-based application), and I’m afraid to shell out a bunch of cash and still get underwhelming performance (>=3s to load pages, for example).

Is anyone running nextcloud on a mini? If so, what kind of responsiveness are you getting via client usage?

Not a Mini, but I set up Nextcloud+Plex on a Raspberry Pi 4 for my parents long back.
It’s still a little slow, but it’s totally usable.

If a Pi 4 (4GB) can handle it, that may at least provide some reassurance that a Librem Mini would suffice.

You could do your research about what x86 CPU that you already have is closest in performance to the CPU in the Mini and then try Nextcloud on that computer.

It isn’t all about CPU speed though. The type and performance of disk is another variable. That applies to the Pi also however, maybe even more. If you have a Pi with only a uSD card then performance is going to be sluggish compared with an NVMe x 4 SSD in a Mini (if that’s what you choose).

Then there’s the amount of RAM, that could be used as cache, to improve disk performance even more.

A Pi earlier than the Pi 4 has ethernet on a USB 2.0 bus, so limited way below GbE speeds. Whether that is a factor may depend on whether the clients are local or remote.

At the end of the day, only someone who is running Nextcloud on a Mini and can report their specific hardware configuration can go beyond speculation. Hence what you asked for …

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