Nextcloud Server on Librem Mini v2

I am attempting to install a Nextcloud server on my Librem Mini v2 running PureOS and I’m having difficulty getting the Lets Encrypt to obtain the SSL certs I need. I previously had my server running on a Ubuntu 22.04 OS and I set that up by using the command: sudo ufw allow 80,443/tcp to open the ports needed for Lets Encrypt to work correctly. I have tried to open these ports using the firewalld commands and they are both showing they are open; however, I am still getting an error trying to obtain the SSL certs. I’m sure my router settings are correct and forwarding these ports to the IP address of my Librem Mini. Has anyone had success running a Nextcloud server on PureOS and if yes, are there any steps I am missing? I’m running this as a snap. Thank you

Maybe that’s the issue. Not only does it have to get through the operating system’s firewall (and through the router) but it also has to get through whatever additional restrictions are imposed by the snap (sandbox).

I had no problems with the Nextcloud Snap running on the Ubuntu OS. Everything is exactly the same in my environment except PureOS, that is why I was trying to determine if there are any OS specific steps I should take.