Nitrokey Authenticator -- TOTP auth app for Desktop now supports LibremKey

Some time ago my wife and I developed Nitrokey Authenticator – a desktop app for TOTP authentication using both, Nitrokey Pro2 and LibremKey. The latter, however, requires libnitrokey 3.6. We missed the boat for Bullseye. But I did NMU libnitrokey to Debian Unstable recently. It already has migrated to Testing. So those who use Debian’s rolling Testing release can already just go ahead and use their LibremKey with Nitrokey Authenticator. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming, both, Nitrokey Authenticator and libnitrokey 3.6 will eventually end up in development branch of PureOS, since it’s based on Debian, but I don’t know the specifics of how PureOS is syncing Debian’s updates.


Couple of screenshots:

Awesome work! The libnitrokey version in Byzantium already supports the Librem Key


Perfect. In that case it’s just a matter of time before nitrokey-authenticator gets synced from Debian Testing/Unstable? How does that syncing work, btw?

Syncing works automatically between Debian Testing and PureOS Byzantium though there is a short delay.

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A bit off-topic, but I’ve written a series of 3 articles explaining how HOTP and TOTP work. Since they were featured on Hacker News (comments here) during this past weekend, I’m linking them here for those interested in knowing how TOTP (and thus TOTP on Librem Key that is being used by Nitrokey Authenticator app) works internally.