Nitrokey's Private Cloud for Home & Office Kickstarter

I thought this might be of some interest for you.

Here is the link:


hmmm, I cannot really see any added value from NK. I mean there’s RPI + 240G SDD which is ~75EUR, then you have usb adapter and case which is another ~25EUR. And there’s nothing Nitro in there (at least i dodn’t find it in the description) - no hsm, no tpm/smartcard, any crypto accelerator and stuff. So where do another 100EUR come into picture (I know where they are coming from effort perspective, i don’t see them from a selling point perspective).

Maybe it’s for the extra maintenance of 8 years they guaranteed, I don’t know.

Do you think this could mean that the physical box is not as secure as their usb drive, and if somebody grab it could easily stole the data?

Yes, that’s how I understand it from the kickstarter page.

I guess most of the value is for people who couldn’t set this up for themself. Even if I did set it up myself, it wouldn’t be as “clean”.

We all know that we shouldn’t put stuff in the cloud and that self-hosting is potentially a more private option but someone handing a working box to you on a plate (after the payment of the right number of € :slight_smile:) makes it easy to translate thought into action.

Some intriguing potential value is:

An add-on board (shield) was developed and successfully passed internal tests. The latter enables a hardware reset button, a better positioned USB Type-C port and additional features in the future.

(my emphasis)

I couldn’t work out what they mean by “better positioned USB Type-C port” and what the implications of that are.

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Yes but aren’t there various single-click plugins for NASes? Or even fully OSS mox if you don’t trust closed platforms. Which is the reason I’m saying that I don’t see added value comparing to those. And vice versa mox and nas both have added value versus this offering while at comparable price tag.

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This probably goes a bit beyond a basic NAS.