No answer from your support by mail. Librem 5 is ready for shipment?

Hello Purism.

My friend received an email from you two months ago (05/23/2023) that his ordered Librem 5 (Order date: 08/28/2020) is being prepared for shipment. A day later he wrote you that he would like a refund - we bought one locally in the meantime. No answer from you.

On 07/11/2023 he tried again to get an answer from you. But again… No answer from you.

It is a real shame that we have to wait so long for any answer and already see us forced to try it here via this forum. (And yes, we also sent you another mail today, but our hope is not very high.)

Please Purism. Be a little more reliable. It is so hard to recommend you - we all read such or similar stories about you really often.



The problem is that you’re asking for refund. I can’t tell you why Purism is doing so, but they’re ignoring refund requests for some time right now.
If you write a mail “we want to get phone delivered”, I’m sure you will get an answer soon. So a way could be to take the phone and sell it to someone else. However, since all orders are shipped and a new order will be delivered fast, I’m not sure how easy or hard it will be to sell it.

Sadly it was a failure to buy another phone locally, because now you got this problem, too. I don’t know if Purism plans to pay back refunds or not, since they do not communicate any further to that topic.

If I were you, I would write a mail, avoiding the word “refund” in headline, creating a photo of L5 with some text on screen that it is clear that you really own it (for example your name or order number etc) and add it to mail. Before asking for refund I would make clear that I own a phone and want to support Purism further (thinking about buying next versions of the phone like L5v2 some time in future), but that I also don’t need a second phone yet. Maybe they will react to not loose customers that already own a phone.

“Refund” in headline could mark the mail as spam, so that support won’t see it. Maybe avoid that word completely and use other descriptions to speak about it. Compared to others who requested a refund, you own a Librem 5 - that could make the difference. Make it to the core of your mail.

I wish you a lot of luck! And please reply to this thread if you tried it and share your experience (again no answer or what kind of reply by Purism).