No bootloader installed after following the Wiki "Live System Installation"

Hello dear community :slightly_smiling_face:

Boot loader missing

I have just installed PureOS on my laptop while following the " :gear: :zap: Live System Installation" wiki page > Advanced installation

Aaaaaaaaaand… No boot loader was installed :sweat_smile: (no GRUB)

When powering on my laptop the BIOS was displaying something like “No device to boot from” and I couldn’t do anything.

However PureOS has been installed correctly

I was lucky to have rEFInd on a bootable USB key which allowed me to boot to PureOS and confirm it has been installed properly.


  • Did I miss something following the tutorial?
  • Is it possible to install a boot loader without destroying PureOS?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @mladen :slightly_smiling_face: , sorry to disurb.

Anything I missed in the tutorial?

Make sure you have installed grub (bootloader), you can do that when you boot with “sudo grub-install /dev/YOURDISK”

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Hello, so I decided to go the clean way by booting through USB with the PureOS Installation Media > Manual Partitioning > Added a new partition:

  • 320 MiB (minimum size that the PureOS installer requires)
  • FAT32
  • /boot/efi
  • flag = “boot”

My laptop now boots successfully into PureOS by itself :slightly_smiling_face:

@mladen would you consider adding this to the tutorial as the first partition?
That would help users like me who rely on the tutorial to learn to install PureOS.