No camera

After the option for the ones who want their mic & camera always on, we have a new option for the ones who want to switch their mic & camera on and off.
What about the ones who want their mic & camera permanently off? Which means NO camera and microphone at all?
I haven’t used my laptop’s camera for years (there’s a sticker on it), i use an external microphone, and I would prefer to pay for a computer without cam, mic, switches which are useless to me.

You can leave the hardware kill switch off. That will cut power to both devices.
You could also open the case, and remove the microphone cable (unplug it from the daughter card), and if you were daring you could also snip the wire from the USB webcam.

The Hardware Kill Switches cut power and are physical circuit, so when they’re off, they’re off.

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I knew this already, but the cost of these switches+camera+microphone are included in the (high) price.
What i need, is a cheaper model without the hardware i won’t use anyway.

I’m willing to buy a $475 vouch right now, if you promise to make such a model in the (near or far) future.

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