No censorship at Librem One?

Sick of the growing censorship of twitter, google, and others. Moving from the google ecosystem to…somewhere. I like the look of Librem One - but can I really trust that there will be no censorship from a company that claims to be a “Social Purpose Company”?

Sounds very similar to the kind of people who are now blocking any ideas they don’t agree with. What do the Librem One vets here think?

1 Like’s Code of Conduct:

I don’t think someone ever claimed to have “no censorship” on Librem One.


As eugenr suggests, read the code of conduct. I think you’ll find it pretty refreshing.

There were discussions in the Librem One matrix channel when it launched, that Purism did not want to tell what their customers had to believe/think/talk about.

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I think this should be built into the solution, i.e. that it is not possible to censor users, even if a platform provider wanted. Platform providers should always try to build services that protect the users from the provider. Much like OWS and Signal is built to protect the user from OWS.


I’m sure that Al-Qaeda and friends are happy with your suggestion.

Of course they are, and I’m happy too.


Well, not to curb your enthusiasm, but I have to mention that the admins has access to the server software stack like underlying databases , firewalls, etc… They are the dictators, no matter what you’ll try to do.

Well, you are right, but there are ways to prevent them changing anything in the big picture. Think about bitcoin for instance. Probably there are other solutions.

I still think it is a good goal to strive for freedom from the provider. If I want something I want it no matter if terrorists want it or not. I imagine there are lots of things terrorists wants that most people want. It is really not a good argument according to me.

And I am not afraid of terrorists, or covid, or climate change, but I am slightly worried about governments, limitations in free speech and free movement, and this new type of censorship.

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This is why federation exists: whenever you disagree with admins, you become an admin yourself.

Except that the federation has its own rules (written or not) and it will ban your instance righteously if you are not behaving (like Gab).

Yes, you can always have the option to host your own thoughts (if your ISP allows it :wink: ) but you might not be known to anybody (you want).


Defending your right to say something is not the same thing as defending what you are saying.

Being a Social Purpose Company defines general and specific social purposes that sit above the purpose of making a profit:

If you are interested you can check what those goals are here:

You can check our code of conduct here:

Our, stay safe page:

And our policy page;


Just shared this on mewe.

Some sites censor their content by making very political associations that are not valid. The most innocent post can appear to be racist or prone to incite violence if you assign a false and inflammatory motive to another person’s words and flame the author of the post hard enough.

Example post from a political discussion site (not Purism discussion board): “We need a large wall built on our Southern border”.

Example Response: “You’re a racist for trying to keep brown skinned people out of the US”.

Example Moderator’s comment after deleting the original post: “This forum does not allow the promotion of racism”.

Meanwhile, any discussion about financial effects of illegal immigration and increased crime rates of illegal immigration are banned by default, from the discussion. The core issues are banned from the discussion in support of a partison position based on a lie. Everyone feels absolutely justified for treating the so-called racist badly. No real resolution of real issues can ever be achieved. Everyone from one side of the aisle feels good while everyone else feels angry for their being mis-treated.

The moderator here on this board was correct to put a stop to a few threads that were frozen here. One of my posts might have been the final straw in one case because it was off-topic for the purpose of this forum. I’ll do better in the future. That kind of moderation (and compliance with the law) is the only kind of moderation that should be allowed on any forum that allows anyone (strangers) to sign-up and post anything there.

hire a few hundred or thousand people that work in a swarm and you don’t even have to apply censorship-type-moderation … Saudi-Arabia style …