No entries on qubes-hcl?

Now that you have coreboot going, was wondering how well qubes works with it. theres a sad lack of purism on the qubes hcl, Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS

also, qubes comes up enough, im surprised it doesnt have its own topic.

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If you do a search in this forum about Qubes OS, you will find several users who document their experiences with it, on the latest revision of the Librems. As far as the qubes hcl is concerned, that page is controlled by Qubes, so if you wish to have information added to it, you would need to contact their support team (the latest information there about the Librems is outdated).

I do think that it might be a good idea to give Qubes its own section on the Purism forum.

Im on that forum often. havent found anything about librem and coreboot on the 15v3, but i know at least a couple people at purism play with qubes. update: i found kakarots thread :slight_smile:

also, there are purism entries in the mailing list that didnt make the HCL. ill bug them about it.

one of my concerns is AEM (anti evil maid). Theres no mention of a TPM on the product page, and without that, of course, AEM wont work. the fallback would be full disk encryption either with luks from within coreboot, or if sed if its supported. or opal to write lock part of the drive.

this post also disturbs me as its the model i was looking at. not having vt-d is a deal breaker for me. VT-d not enabled in BIOS (coreboot)