No Flatpak on my Librem5!


GNOME Maps does not work on my Librem5. I have uninstalled it.

I wanted to install its Flatpak version but no Flatpak related command works in the Terminal (Console).

I tried to install Flatpak with “apt install flatpak” but the console says “are you root?” and I don’t know what to do.

I also don’t know if I should install additional repositories and anyway I don’t know how to do it.
(I didn’t understand the user guide on this point)

I should point out that my Librem5 system is up to date.

Thank you in advance,

Have you installed Flathub?

“Enable Flatpak with Flathub repository: Flatpak support and PureOS store integration are installed by default. Only need to add the Flathub repository via the terminal as described in their setup description step 3.”

In the terminal, type this entire string, then hit Enter:
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

(That is from our

The Flathub repo will be added to your Librem 5 via the above command. Then when you visit the PureOS store application, some adaptive flatpaks will appear in the curated list, plus you will be able to search for other flatpaks (potentially not adapted to the small screen, but you can try them) by using the search box within the store (software) application. Search results for both pureos-amber apps and flatpaks will be shown together.

P.S. When viewing your app search results, you will have to read the info for a given app to see if it is a flatpak or a pureos app. For example, if you search for “maps” and see two versions of GNOME Maps, one is a flatpak, the other is a pureos native app. Click on each one to see which is which.


Whenever you see this message, it’s trying to tell you to use “sudo” in your commands, e.g. “sudo apt install …”.

sudo = superuser do (in other words superuser = admin-level privilege)