No laptop after three months

Hello, after three months I still haven’t received the laptop I ordered in May. At this point I don’t know if this is a scam or not.

Many people here say they received their laptops. You should probably send an email to Purism: How to properly send emails to Purism.

Would you like to tell us if you ordered a basic version or improved the basic configuration? And if you ordered from within the US or from elsewhere?

Hi, I sent a receipt to the original email. There were many upgrades. The order was dated May 31st for a Librem 14 version 1, 14 battery 4 cell, Memory (DDR4) 64 GB, Storage (M.2 SSD): 1 TB (SATA), PureOS, 3 year warrenty, USB FD OS: PureOS Live. Came to $2,674
I would like the the computer or my money back. We were told it would be six weeks, not three months.

There is shortage all over the place with the covid situation.

Like everything else.