No more login prompt after update to `librem5-image`

Received an update yesterday.
And phone doesn’t seem to provide login prompt anymore.
I can ssh into phone so it’s booting up just nothing after that, what can I do?

hello, you can follow these instructions:


Thanks will have a look at this.

Good day.

I have not yet updated my phone. Before I attempt to do so, how would I configure ssh so that in case of failure, I have options?

The safe way to update is to use the terminal commands ‘sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade’

The problem lies (or lied, as @dos said it has been corrected) in the way the PureOS Store handled packages.

Access to ssh is good to have. I often update my phone and perform other tasks from my desktop using ssh. You can follow a step by step guide here. For better security I would read down to “ENHANCING SECURITY FOR SECURE SHELL” on the same link, and disable regular password for logging in over ssh.

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