No ok and/or cancel buttons in dialogs

Something I noticed in my first week with the L5:
when dialog boxes are used in apps, there are no buttons (ok, cancel or a cross) to close the dialog.
Only way to close them, is to open the (terminal) keyboard, rotate to landscape orientation and press escape. (The return button doesn’t do a thing.)

It is not a biggy, but it is annoying, so there is room for improvement here.

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Could you give a specific example?

Good one… I haven’t seen a dialog box that had any buttons, but I can’t remember a specific app.
I will get back to you on that…

Ah, got one: the Preferences dialog in WhatIP.
And I found another: the dialogs in Spot (again the Preferences).
Same goes for the About dialog in Mousai.

These are all apps that are listed in the ‘compatible’ section of the store, btw.

What I discovered with dialog boxes to close them anyway is to swipe up and you’ll see it as a separate item in the running app list and I just swipe up again to get rid of it. I think these are all related to trying to make a desktop OS into a mobile OS. There will be many little devil details that will eventually get ironed out I’m thinking, but there are too many more important things to solve: camera, power usage…etc. at the moment.


I’m not 100% sure, but I believe you can just swipe the dialog away, to the right or left, when they appear on screen.

I believe I do this as a reflex, so haven’t given it much thought

I don’t think swiping is the answer.

You’re right. I was thinking of notification popups.
The easiest method I have found for closing dialogs has been to just swipe up from the bottom and close it as an application