No reply on order?

Good morning, I have pre-ordered a Librem 5 with the question whether I can pay by PayPal, or otherwise I’d pay by JCB (debit card) by the end of this month.
I didn’t hear back anything since then, can anyone assist?

I’m using my mobile email address for this forum account, which I also used to make the order.
Not sure if it’s a good idea to write down the order number in public.

You should contact Operations directly. See the contact information here: How to properly send emails to Purism

I will try.
But since it’s a mobile email, I have to write on my phone, so it will take long to have it written.
Especially because it must be written in English.
That is why I tried here first.

I never heard of a mail address bound to a device. Email was invented before walled gardens. Just try the with interface from your laptop. (Is it Google?)
Other option would be to send yourself a mail and copy the text.

From SoftBank (mobile ISP).
Here in Japan, mobile email is mail and SMS at the same time, and can only be used on device with linked SIM card.


Wow, that’s interesting. I’m just not yet sure if I find it more technically fascinating or more worrying privacy-wise. :wink:

Anyway, you can contact Purism from any mail address you want. If you have a order number, include it, if not, include the mail address and all details (e.g. order date) you know.

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I send 26 hour ago, but still no reply.
Did it fail to receive?

@TechSuwako,unless I am mistaken, the purpose of this forum is to provide a place for Librem owners and PureOS users to help each other. You’re asking questions about payment processing, which is something none of us will know anything about. Your best bet is to just keep sending emails to Purism, most of us are going to be unable to help you, and I don’t think you wish to discuss your payment information in a public forum whenever someone gets around to helping you.

You need to be a bit more patient. They have limited ressoucres, you can’t expect an instant reply… Your Librem 5 won’t go anywhere in the meantime :wink:

When I ordered my Librem 5 I had a problem with the price (it didn’t had the early bird price even if the announced time was not over) and I emailed Purism, I got an answer 3-4 days after so just be patient, you will get an answer but Purism is limited in what they can do so all I can advise you is just chill and wait. :slight_smile:

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i ordered weeks ago, too. also - properly - wrote an email weeks later. and another one. now i contacted mladen as from former experiences i know he reacts quickly - he did within 24h. not so the provided operations-email. not within weeks.

no problem by that. but if nothing happens for weeks one can get curious… :wink:

See the Ordering from Purism section of the FAQ and the link that @Dwaff posted earlier: How to properly send emails to Purism. You don’t have to write a long e-mail. Just include the relevant information so that someone can answer your query. :smiley:

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I sent same email again, and also pasted to mladen.
This is very funny. :confused:

I received answer yesterday evening, last mail was mid night.
I will wait for the PayPal.