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I discovered Purism and the Librem Series while looking for a Linux Notebook. I was looking for Linux Notebooks because I wasnt able to find Linux Tablets that work out of the Box. Sadly I couldnt support your Indiegogo Campign because it was already over. But I’m very interested in the Librem 10 & 11, and if my Thinkpad X220 won’t work anymore someday I take a very close look at a Librem 13.

So I was looking for Reviews about your Devices, but I just found two (One at and another at How can this be? I think your Devices are very interesting for a couple of Reasons (Open Source Hard- & Software, Hardware Kill Switches, Linux out the Box, Linux Tablet!), but not as many News Articles as I would expect and just two Reviews? Not Even some Unboxings… I mean you sell beautiful and powerful MacBook like Open Source Privacy Respecting Linux Notebooks and soon even Tablets and every other Standard Notebook get more Attention?

Is there not enough Interest? Dont you send out Test Devices to let them be reviewed by Magazines, Sites or Blogs? Can someone explain this to me?

“Dont you send out Test Devices to let them be reviewed by Magazines, Sites or Blogs?”

This is a great idea, hopefully it’ll be considered by Purism.

More users = bigger community, which will benefits us all :slight_smile:

cheers, HS

It is probably a good idea to send a Librem to or .com

AFAIK, we did send them for review.

Just found out that we sent out a couple units for a review and most of them haven’t come back yet, and we’re figuring out what to do about it.

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You send out Test Units and they don’t review them nor send them back… Thats a shame!

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