No sound devices detected anymore

Running PureOS on a Librem 13v3 with the byzantium repos enabled and since several days, my sound devices aren’t detected anymore. Even external sound devices doesn’t seem to be detected (I have a Jabra Dongle, which should be detected as a “cable connected” headset via USB, so in my opinion it’s a software issue, rather a disconnected cable or similar.

Does anybody have an idea, how I can remedy this issue?

standard checks I’d do on my laptop would be
aplay -l
pactl list sinks
ls -la /sys/class/sound/

aplay -l shows all my devices, so they are there, but not working in the gnome-shell, which is kinda weird. Maybe there was a change in the gnome packages, resulting in this behavior?

pactl list sinks just shows access denied, even as sudo, what does this command do in the first place?

the ls command shows the devices from the first of your commands, but just in another format (cool btw. - and should have known this, because in linux everything is a file ^^, didn’t know that this applies to this device as well)

Does anybody (or you @ruff) run PureOS byzantium and have similar issues or is it just me?

Got it! The pulseaudio service wasn’t running and is not able to autostart.
So I have to dig further - thank you.

Had to restart the pulseaudio service and everything’s fine now:
systemctl --user start pulseaudio.service