Non 14 Eyes Level Anonymity

I want to use my laptop for Crypto currency related hobby projects in development and investing. That said, I want to ensure I am secure and private from prying eyes. What do I need to do to achieve this in a general broad sense?

PureOS operating system
Cubes VM
TOR network communications thru a non 14 eyes nation vpn
Use of public Internet access points
Opsec creating accounts for exchanges, swaps, wallets, etc

Would this all be a benefit to my goal or pretty much overkill? And what would you detail as a risk in which I can use other options to mitigate those risks?

I want to be able to mine Crypto anonymously as best I can, if not some where along the line swap to DEX (decentralized Finance/Exchange) to achieve privacy tokens the NSA hates and has contracts out with the IRS to crack, such as XMR.

This would be specific use only and I wouldn’t commit any crimes with the finances I am investing in nor would I do other bad things with said laptop. I am not skilled to do so and I wouldn’t risk my freedom. I simply want to detach as best I can from centralized control and not break the law doing so.

I am willing to go the extra mile to be as safe as possible. I could use some direction and leadership. your advice is very much appreciated!

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  1. libre bios,
  2. zero Intel Management engine or psp.
  3. zero microcode cpu
  4. libre operanting system.
  5. hyper trusted vpn service with neutralized internet, & zero log
  6. a vpn pirated account ++
  7. vpn server outside of 5,9,14 eyes.
  8. wireguard.
  9. firefox pirated ++


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You mean Internet correct? Just want to be sure.
So I have the Librem 14 still sitting stock from the factory excluding a few pdfs I read from time to time on it for research. I haven’t even turned on the wifi or connected via Ethernet. I am waiting and learning and when ready will start with a clean machine.

I believe I have a few of these checked off as I am now. Though unsure about # 1, 2,

Do the Librem mini and 14 have microcoding in the cpu? I believe the Intel ME is only neutralized on the generation models I have. So would they not be sufficient if I had all the other checks checked off?To clarify I also own a mini v2

And to inquire, Even if I had all these checked off, couldn’t still be vulnerable? I mean the agencies in concern tap in directly to the fiber optic cables at network connection nodes, where they connect nation to nation, etc. Those buildings have their networks piped to databases and are later decrypted and analyzed, from that I gather. Would using this approach really protect me from any unwanted eyes? and if so how?

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Put Qubes on your laptop and then use the whonix vm which will obviously access the internet via the whonix gate. There is plenty of evidence to say now that using a vpn with tor actually makes it less secure. Some will argue that the preferred method is tor over vpn, but now I think the tor project recommend no vpn.

There is lot to this subject obviously, but if you are going to buy crypto then most exchanges are KYC, if you go elsewhere that isn’t KYC you’re starting to make it murky in terms of legality and someone asking what you may be up to by not wanting your id known (tax evasion could be one of many many reasons). In some countries they have even banned xmr.

I think that for your question to be answered more fully you should look elsewhere.

For your anonymity/privacy though its qubes, whonix or TAILS. Steer clear of the so called security distros like kodachi. Don’t ask me why, do your research.


Yes both it using microcode.

Yes the internet to meaning net-neutrality

On softwate the vulnerabilities are latent but reduced when using a security & privacy machine like L14

Well the ME it a backdoors i am not sure the status of the ME in the L14 i just heard that it is disabled, i still do not have a L14 yet = (

I guess

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Qubes OS + Whonix + Exodus&Trezor (for DEX and storage). Centralized exchange is pointless because of KYC.


I thought this was interesting. Especially when they got to Whonix and Tor with VPN describing as a virtually anonymous connection. So Cubes isn’t something I install as a VM but on hardware. Does the Pureboot w/ Librem key support Cubes if I ordered the 14 with PureOS? and what does it take to get Cubes installed. Will my Librem key work for Cubes? What about the Vault USB? Mine is missing actually and am waiting for customer service to assist.

I have swapped PureOS for Cube OS backward and forward many times now. Librem Key works as expected. Vault USB never needed.

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Do you have any documentation or guide that you can shoot my way that you follow for doing the swap? I would be interested in seeing this through.

I have been rather ignorant to the level of detail this issue of anonymity is revolved around. I have been researching an interesting project which may gain unwanted attention. Topic being XKS. In the document, some claims are made that seem to indicate any and all methods of privacy and security are futile. On top of that, certain interests or activity, behavior warrants tracking and a target on your back indefinitely. Now, I get that some actions, activity, behavior should warrant this, but I personally do not do those things and I know hundreds of millions in my country alone are also not doing those things. Yet what is, is.

I am not doom and gloom but if this article is right, to even a slight degree, then nothing will give you privacy if you use the technology in the current infrastructure. At least, not without knowing how to bend or break rules, laws, maybe circumvent those conditions to some degree but I doubt it.

So I feel like there is no reason to even own one of these machines. I already have a huge target on my back because I buy BTC and other crypto and because I seek privacy.

I have used TOR just for learning purposes, surfing the web, reading articles, etc. I have downloaded hacking OS, used privacy live based systems, I am a subscriber to a few hacking, privacy, security communities, reddits, discords, etc. I have a genuine interest in things being fair and equal.

Now I am labelled an extremist, a terrorist, and a threat to national security. Not only do I have a military background but my family is also embedded in intelligence and special operations. This is very concerning for me, considering I am the black sheep of the family who stands with the pursuit of truth rather than a false narrative.

So I would return these items but I would only get docked for restocking fees and shipping. I feel like its worthless to even continue learning, because there already is no basic privacy nor incentive to have any. There is no respect to personal boundaries for those who do live lawful lives. This is why I was on a path to seek privacy focused machine and systems, learn dev and security myself, maybe even take some IT certifications etc, a new career.

I make a post on reddit and I get shafted by the whole community, I am new to reddit and social media, I dont (rarely) use it for this reason. I can’t help but see the patterns of human behavior and we are not doing so well. Humans are slaves, and there is no love, no freedom, no light here. The institutions want control, they want to know the future, and there is no room for any innocence in that world.

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I don’t have any documentation. The last time I have checked - privacy is still legal to have. Use it or lose it!