Non-free firmware for PureOS

Hello dear, i’m a new PureOS user and i can’t connect my ThinkPad T470 to WiFi.
I tried to install but my OS doesn’t accept the non free firmware.
I tried to put non-free or non-free-firmware on /etc/apt/sources.list but it doesn’t work, somebody can help me?

# Main package repository for PureOS
deb https :// epo.pureos .net/pureos byzantium main non-free

# Important security updates
deb https :// repo.pureos .net/pureos byzantium-security main non-free

# Other updates for resolving non-security issues
deb https :// repo.pureos .net/pureos byzantium-updates main non-free

PS: The links is broken for the Purism limitations

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PureOS does not provide non-free firmware and it is not available in their repository. That is an intentional choice for the OS.

It is possible, though not advised, to add the Debian repository for non-free firmware, and use apt pinning to only get the firmwares. The pinning is important to get right or you may end up with other Debian packages turning your OS into a frankenOS which can be much harder to maintain.

Personally, if you need non-free firmware and are comfortable with using the non-free repository I would just install Debian instead of PureOS. I understand that may not be the most popular opinion, but it is born out from my own experiences.


I think some people have also chosen to download the one required package out of the franken-repo and install that package explicitly.

So just two commands required:
wget http://path-to/zzzzzzz.deb
sudo dpkg -i zzzzzzz.deb

If a package is just non-free firmware then its dependencies may be benign, and the above may work.

Search in this forum will bring up e.g. WiFi adapter not found but I imagine the package versions have changed since then.

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