Non functioning computers and no customer support

First let me state I have been a strong supporter of Purism since 2019. Since that time I have purchased a librem key, 3 fully loaded laptops (one Librem 15 and two Librem 14s) a Librem 5 phone (which I have yet to receive after several years) and have invested several thousand dollars in one of their prior equity rounds. I have also encourage several of my business partners to consider purchasing Purism products for their personal use which resulted in the purchase of two new Librem 14s. Despite my strong support of this company their customer service is a failure. Both of my Librem 14s have had issues since the beginning. The first computer battery has been wonky since the day I got the laptop (the battery has now stopped charging) while the second computer does not properly boot up even though it is brand new out of the box. I am frustrated with the poor quality of my computers and even more frustrated about the complete lack of responsiveness from this company to an otherwise very loyal customer. If anyone one from Purism reads this please contact me so I can resolve these issues. It saddens me that I have to resort to posting on a forum in order to get some help. Any legitimate advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. If you are reading these forums prior to buying a computer, please consider the company System 76. I have several System 76 laptops that work flawlessly and there customer service is what you would expect from a company that backs up what is sells. I will keep my finger crossed that this ends well regarding my Librem computers.


I think that Purism need to change the current builder contractor, and rescue the good reputation of Purism. The keyboard quality feel very poor. So I really recommend to Purism put all the manpower in Librem 14 v2 codename “Genius”

Clevo company.


I have emailed @joao.azevedo a couple times with no response. After not hearing from joao I resubmitted my email to the general purism support email address ( with no response back. According to my Yahoo email account all emails to Purism were sent successfully. Lastly, I have checked my email daily, including the spam folder, and have found no response back from Purism. I do appreciate your advice though. Thank you.

You might try a private message within this forum, as it doesn’t suffer from some of the problems that email does.

Maybe I will try that. I went the email route since, I believe, that is what was recommended in the “How to properly send emails to Purism” post on this message board. I would like to believe that Purism just didn’t get my emails and that is why they did not respond. Thanks for the practical advice.

@Zigmeister I see no emails in our inbox from the email address you are using for forums. Please contact me directly at with your order number and problem description, and ping me here also when you send the email.


Thanks mladen. I do appreciate your help. I will be sure to get that information to you later today. Thanks again.

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@Zigmeister I saw your email now, it was sent from another address. I will take over your case. We apologize for the lack of responsiveness, these days after holiday season are a bit rough and our support staff is additionally strained.


mladen thank you. Sorry for my initial frustrated post. Obviously, I align with the ideals of your company and certainly hope that Purism succeeds. That is why I keep turning to you for my tech needs. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I feel it only right that I acknowledge the very professional help that I received from mladen. In short order he rectified the issues I was having. Both of my Librem 14 computers are fully functional. Thank you mladen


Remenber Purism

Please keep me abreast of your progress as I have the same issue with two laptops both Librem 14’s that I purchased in 2021 and I cannot boot either of them up either. I paid well oer $4000.00 for the pair and I have tried numerous times to get into a situation where someone would help me while I’m trying to solve the issue and all I ever got was emails back and forth from the country they were made in. The developer did answer one of my posts on here but my issues were never resolved. Now I sit with two computer I desperately want to learn to use and not a clue where to start.

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