Non-proprietary GNU/Linux Platform Potential of Android supported anti-evil maid attack Haven App (currently beta release)

I was just combing through the forums when I stumble upon an recent Android platform supported app named ‘Haven’. This app is supposed to utilize sensory detection methods to detect evil maid attacks. Detection would require two (mobile) telecommunication devices, one to detect, one to receive alerts.

The Haven app may use ranged and touch detection, depending on the software and hardware specifications of the mobile telecommunication device. That means a detecting smartphone might have the potential as the device of a personal home security system in addition to its role in a computer security system. Its beta release development has cropped up recently by a few years back. Platform support for all Android OS types for (mobile) telecommunication devices (other than the smartphone), proprietary non-Android OS types for (mobile) telecommunication devices, and non-proprietary non-Android OS types for (mobile) telecommunication devices, has yet to exist as a safe and operable function. Since we are talking about the context of home security systems, we also have to address the possible issue of efficient management of (mobile) telecommunication device hardware due to the risk of physical exposure imposed by evil maid attack, burglary, and trespassing.

Regardless of future development of the Haven app, one must reconsider the possibility of surveillance by the software itself. Once the software is cracked, you will not only worry about domestic censorship agencies, but also foreign, non-state, and criminal agencies as well. Concern of fraud is included, but might be mitigated by fraud alert (and credit freeze) options from credit bureaus. The risk of surveillance and espionage could be of a severe nature so no one would just jump onto the Haven app bandwagon just yet, at least not without precautionary countermeasures should the software backfire against its user.

Below is material for cited references.

This is a Software for Andriod Devices, and i think it was delivered and developed by E.Snowden an the Guardian. To have a deprecated not used android device turned into a signal angle if someone else entered your Space and snitch on you.

So sorry, we will not have that on Linux or your favorite Librem because you already could ssh to your phone if you leave it in your room and access every data or do some script for changed value in your script to message you.

An a free computer or Phone, follow open standards there is no need to “the possibility of surveillance by the software itself”. Since you should not use it!!! Or just use minimal Software by yourself or deactivate Sensores… or only use Software you trust. You know…

Edit: “Once the Software is Cracked…”
You know its like everything… is lost.