Non-proprietary GNU/Linux Platform Potential of Cync Indoor Dynamic Effects Light Strips and other products?

I saw this product from GE Lighting, a Savant company, and it looks pretty cool. The thing is I am not sure if there is a free software alternative to such projects. Although I could imagine my light bulbs having different lighting effects. It’s risk of loss considering programming potential with these bulbs, but for private space, the light show could have potential possibilities.

Reference material:
Light shows, music syncing, and more with Cync Indoor Dynamic Effects Light Strips

No, but see this relevant blog post:

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github search for: “light effects based on music” results in GitHub - ChrTopf/wled-audioreact: This application generates cool light effects for your WLED driven strips based on the music currently playing on your computer. seems to be what you are looking for.

Sounds good. I think keep note of the posts. Just barely scratch the surface of analysis. Something like, “How can use this dynamic light bulb?”, “To what extent of effect?”, and so on.