Non-Terminal keyboard layouts in terminal emulators?

As I can see, Squeekboard is locked to Terminal layout for terminal emulators. (I also tried gnome-terminal.) There are other keyboard layouts in the layout-changing menu, but it refuses to change the Terminal layout to any other.

Strangely, sometimes when I open a terminal emulator, Squeekboard opens with non-Terminal layout, and all works fine until I switch to the Terminal layout, and then layout is locked again.

Is there a way to disable this feature? I also need other keyboard layouts in terminal emulators.

It seems like it is a two year old bug, which reappeared. :confused:

From this reply:

This comes from the fact that we now have locale-specific versions of each layout.

Solution: please send language-specific terminals.

Ok, it seems like I need to provide Terminal layout for other languages…


Oh, a multi-layout terminal user in the wild! Would you mind explaining how this affects you? Where does the lack of layouts get in the way?

Hi, I’m not the one you were asking, but I occasionally want to type accented characters in some language other than English in a terminal command. For instance to quickly store a note in a text file (echo whatever > note-to-self) or type something on a remote computer I’m ssh’d into, like to post something in my online yoga class’ zoom chat window without getting off the mat (xdotool type something). For now I get by with copy (from a text editor) and paste…

I often need to type, for example, Cyrillic filenames. It is also convenient to play YouTube search results as playlist with command like following: mpv ytdl://ytsearch10:Librem. It would be great to have convenient way to type such queries in Cyrillic alphabet.

In general, I plan to use command-line software for daily tasks to replace software which is unusable on relatively small touch screen. I also consider learning how to use Emacs for this reason.

There is also one important thing which is missing in Squeekboard. Many keyboard layouts have additional characters, which can be typed when right ALT key is pressed. This can not be reproduced in Squeekboard, as I can see.

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It can’t be “reproduced” because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hold two keys at the same time on such a tiny keyboard, but accented characters have been done on multiple layouts. For a totally overdone one, check Polish.

I thought that it could have been done the same way as Shift key works.

Edit: Ok, I see, in Polish it indeed works like that.

Check the Polish layout.

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