Non-US, non-UK keyboard updates?


Is there any update about shipping of localized (non-US, non-UK) keycaps? I ordered my Librem 13 on December 3, 2015, paying an additional 79$ for a non-US keyboard. The latest relevant update on the blog (, dated December 21, 2015 stated:

Librem 13s with a non-US or non-UK keyboard selection should ship by the end of March 2016. Since this is a rather long delay, we will offer to ship you a Librem 13 with US or UK keycaps, and, once we get the keycaps printed for your language selection, ship you the keycaps. The reason for this delay is we are waiting on the keycap supplier quote before we decide how to handle the non-US and non-UK keycaps.

I received my Librem 13 on March 3, 2016, but I didn’t get any further information about the keycaps, Is there any update available? Thanks,

дядя Вова

I ordered my Librem-13 in september 2015, received it in march 2016.

I ordered it with a french keyboard, was said that it will be send with UK keyboard and that they will send me the french key caps soon.

I am still waiting … :frowning: