Not receiving Contacts via SMS

Is there a solution to getting contacts via SMS.
Otherwise my phone works fine.
Normal SMS works fine.

Yeah, you just export your contacts to a vcf file then attach it to a text and the import through the contacts app😉

Do you mean: Someone sends you a contact via text message and you want your phone to add the contact to your list of contacts automatically? (possibly after confirmation)

Just a guess but is a contact too long to send via SMS and it is actually an MMS?

Does MMS work for you? (receiving at least)

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Thank you for that information.
You are exactly correct.
I had not set up the Access point details in the Mobile data.
I went to me providers website and searched MMS setup and got the information I needed.
Set up the Access point names and old expired MMS started popping up.
Previously I have tried sending photos that did not work, maybe now it will.