Notice to users

To everyone who have email address: the server has been rejecting emails from Purism. Please provide alternative email address which we could use to contact you to confirm shipping information.

Thank you!

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Rejecting because 1. reputation/blacklist 2. SPF 3. something else ?

I ask because the customers in question might not read this forum and I would hate to think they lose their place in the queue because of a dumb*$* inbound mail server.

host[] said: 553 sorry, mail from
your location [] is administratively denied (#5.7.1) (in
reply to MAIL FROM command)
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Our system admins are investigating, btw, but I have no idea how long it could take to resolve this with the mentioned host, hence the notice.


seems like a crappy email service … protonmail can send non-encrypted email too …

Hi everyone,
I’m the customer who got notified by @mladen. Changed my email address now.
The aon domain is owned by the Austrian telecom company A1. So, addresses might be affected as well. Though, I guess there might not be many people who use such addresses. They are only available to broadband customers of A1.
I’ll reach out to their customer service. Maybe they will resolve this.


Hmmm. A bland and unhelpful error message.

The only thing I note is that the primary inbound mail server is down (has been for days) and so they are operating on the secondary, and it is not unheard of for configuration changes not to have been propagated (manually or automatically) from the primary to the secondary.

In my experience, inbound mail service providers are more willing to resolve problems when contacted by their customer rather than when contacted by the sender. Which can be a Catch 22. :frowning:

We can live in hope …