Now I want a librem server!

Laptop, table, phone… but how about a server?
I think so nice, I want a server like this!

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And what about:

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Hello. Are you planning to create a purism server?

Isn’t a server the same as a laptop with the lid closed and ‘suspend on close lid’ option disabled? :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you propose to install this “server” in a rack?
You all speak here about free hardware components, but if you use your own e-mail server in a virtual machine or a metal server in the hosting, forget that your mail is as easy to read as NSA and others.

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I think you completely missed the fact that I was joking…


is it possible to disable suspend when I close the laptop lid? I’m trying to figure out how to do it on debian. think it was obvious in ubuntu. don’t see anything in the power settings…

Yes. You edit as root /etc/systemd/logind.conf and change the line
Then restart the system. This is for systems supporting systemd. Otherwise you have to edit acpi rules.

Test that it works at the login manager (do not login). After login most probably your desktop intercepts lid switch and executes suspend. This has to be deactivated in the desktop preferences. For example, I use MATE-desktop and in this you have to change the relative setting in

So you need two changes. On for the desktop you use and one for the system itself.

Open GNOME Tweaks (install first if you don’t have it). There is an option to toggle “Suspend on lid close” in there

it was there. thanks!

taylor-williamc recommended GNOME Tweaks which is installed by default, and the option is right there upon opening. Thanks for taking the time to explain how to do it in the cli.