Now that WSL exists why so hard to install?

why the heck isnt there a PORTABLEx64 EXE or something u can run for the installer and … have it allow u to do the install in windows or any other OS on… say ANY device and would then just compile itself with the custom flags and the default loadout. You could have several different install options like to download and compile the latest from repositories, choice of bootloader or bootloader configs. its just u know i’d love to know if i were to reboot that thered be a something there to boot into you know? if it was a setup exe all those stupid custom images and bootable stuff wouldnt be an issue anymore. put the exe in… run it? would we even need to install WSL? windows as a subsystem for linux? if and when we do, could we install without USB or iso images? maybe just like a setup file and it installs with a ‘wizard’… you know… like an unattend.xml file.

Theres basically two mainstream consumer PC’s. even third party laptops are those same things. Quantum infinity super computers faster than reality from AMD both CPU and GPU, or theres the false hardware not computery stuff from nvidia and intel. So you have it compile for AMD and 1:1 universe DNA quality video and audio and gaming… or… you dont use the device or hardware and have a lame fake not reality not a universe not even a game ‘world’ intel nvidia experience… u click through the menu options… and select either light/optical/sound radiation based computing with the AMD and compile for AMD… or select the fake intel nvidia nonsense and not need to compile at all since they never really seem to.

select some uhh general options if its for a media PC or a gaming PC (you may just throw in multimedia and trim and optimize it for lower latency) or theres the uhh office PC options and such. with some subcategories and checkboxes… and optional further customization… and then you select the drives and stuff… format and copy files and compile then reboot.
Well i just dont understand how its so very not been possible in the last 20 years? if you get a live cd that works at all… its like 20 years old and its basically a debian shell terminal you apt-get everything from … what? why? when? ez install. it’d probably work for most of planet earth if you just installed it on your system and compiled it all and made a self extracting partition image of your own install so we dont have to bother with all this stuff every time? … surely theres an easier or better way?