Nvidia Geforce 1060 - Trying to use the system

I have installed PureOS and the system was very laggy for me, like 10fps animation.
I asked on reddit what could be the problem, and they have pointed out that was probably my graphics card.

I want to use PureOS because I saw it’s endorsed by gnu.org and I want to try to move to a 100% FOSS OS and Apps.

Is there any open-source nvidia drivers I could use on PureOS so I can use the system with a decent performance? I will not play games in this desktop, I’ll just work and surf the web.

IMHO, within PureOS Terminal is to be used: apt install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (from /pureos amber main). https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ NOTE:

If considering closed source drivers (apt purge above and adjust repo address), this guide makes some sense to me by adding / buster non-free (without main) repository, as described (usage of nvidia-detect, etc.). Continue to use GNOME on Xorg.

Honestly, best thing to do is to flip that nvidia crap and get a Radeon card. Failing that, you can install the nouveau drivers, but the card won’t boost above the rated speeds like it does with the proprietary drivers. This means the performance will be significantly worse than with the closed source drivers.

Meanwhile, with the closed source drivers, you can’t run wayland, you can’t run OpenGL accelerated qemu, you can’t do anything else which requires GBM.


Thank you guys for the suggestions! I’m downloading PureOS now and I’ll test it later, I’ll update here with the results :slight_smile: